Prayer Circle

Emmanuel has a prayer group that meets every third Sunday of the month at 9:30 am.  All are invited to join and lift up the prayers of the people together.   The group meets in the fellowship area in the basement level. 

Karen, "I believe that sharing in prayer out loud with our fellow prayer warriors helps to center me. It helps me to listen to others and brings us together to lift up to God our praises and concerns.  We are truly blessed to have this opportunity to witness each other's faith path and strengthen our own commitment and love to God." 

Prayer Warriors -Healing service

During our traditional worship, Emmanuel offers a healing rite every time there is a fifth Sunday in a month. Those who sense the need for God's healing may receive the gifts of prayer, laying on of hands, and be anointed with oil with the mark of the cross.  Our prayer warriors during worship will offer a personal private prayer.   

To volunteer to be a prayer warrior join the prayer circle and/or speak to Pastor Karole. 

"In its ministry of healing, the church does not replace the gifts of God that come through the scientific community, nor does it promise a cure. The church offers and celebrates gifts such as these: God’s presence with strength and comfort in time of suffering, God’s promise of wholeness and peace, and God’s love embodied in the community of faith"  (ELCA)