Pastor Jill Heather

Pastor Jill has been ordained in the ELCA since 2004 and Emmanuel is the fourth congregation she has served.  

She has also spent a significant portion of her professional ministry in Hospice Chaplaincy work, and believes that the greatest privilege in ministry is getting to hear people tell their stories.  

Pastor Jill loves the diverse congregation that is Emmanuel, and believes that the sounds and the welcome of worship here are some of the greatest gifts we offer.

A Michigan native, Pastor Jill has lived in many other places in the country and in the world, and is happily back in the Southeast Michigan area now, where she enjoys long-lasting connections with family and friends, and where she dreams of where her next travels will take her.  She is passionate about social justice and casting a wider circle of welcome, breaking down barriers and sharing the belief that God's love is for absolutely everyone. 

Epilogue: Pastor Jill left this physical world December 20, 2020 and is now forever with her Lord and singing with the angels in heaven. 

Valerie Felder

Valerie Felder