Rev. Karole Langset

Pastor Karole answered the call to serve Emmanuel in February 2022.  

She earned a Master of Divinity at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Spring 2021. The prior two years she served as resident pastor (vicar) at another Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Naples, FL. She served as a student/intern chaplain for two summer units at Miravida Living Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Her ordination to Word and Sacrament was on Feb. 26. 

Pastor Karole finds it a great privilege and joy to proclaim the Gospel, teach, and accompany disciples in their faith journeys. It moves her heart and spirit to hear the people of God voice their faith, and to witness God working in their lives and hearts.

Pastor Karole believes that the love and mercy of Christ is abundant. In response to Christ love given to us, the church is called to share Christ’s love with our neighbors near and far.  

Valerie Felder

Valerie Felder