God's Word

Studying scripture strengthens us in our life of discipleship. We have many Bible studies series throughout the year.  Come join us. All are welcome. 

Sharon, "Whether I am at home, reading the Bible or other spiritual books on our bookshelves here, inspired by authors who become my friends; or at church with others studying the scriptures together; or in zoom Bible studies—being with others in Bible studies nurtures a stronger relationship with Jesus in me, and in my heart I abide in Him and His words abide in me."   (Scripture reference John 15:7)

  • Lectionary Bible Study

    In-Person Bible Study (September-May)  

    As a faith community, we will pray and reflect together on the Revised Common Lectionary chosen scriptures every Friday at 10:00am. Everyone is invited to join the conversation, gather with others, hear God’s word, learn, and grow in faith together. A bonus is you will be ready for worship by gaining insights. Led by Rev. Karole Langset.  

  • Zoom Adult Catechism

    Catechism Study:  1 and 3rd Monday at 7pm on Zoom.
    Material: BY HEART -  Conversations with Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. 

    For zoom Link, email Pastor Karole:   Pastorkarole@gmail.com