A Welcome From Our Pastor



Thank you for stopping by, and your interest in Emmanuel Lutheran Church. In February 2022, I was called to serve as pastor of this beloved congregation. My heart rejoices that the Holy Spirit sent me to be with the people of Emmanuel and the city of Southfield.


It often takes great courage to walk into a new congregation. At Emmanuel, visitors are celebrated and invited to be part of our faith community. You are welcomed if you are just visiting for a Sunday, or if you would like to make Emmanuel your full-time home.


I am often amazed how God can make strangers become friends as we worship and serve together. As someone who is new myself, I have witnessed this congregation as warm, joyful, and always willing to stay after worship or events for fellowship.


This congregation grants me glimpses of the heavenly kingdom through the people in so many ways. One of the greatest strengths of Emmanuel is its genuine diversity of people. You will find people of various ages, beliefs, traditions, cultures, skin colors, gender identities, languages, socioeconomic status, education levels, abilities, and passions. It is a colorful experience to worship with us, singing praise music at one point in the service, a traditional Northern European hymn 500+ years old later, and maybe ending with a rhythmic gospel piece.


We gather around the communion table each week. We believe that it is Christ’s table, not our table, and so everyone is invited to the celebratory meal by our Lord’s grace.


I pray that you will feel God’s grace and peace among us wherever you are on your faith journey.  


Pastor Karole Langset