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Emmanuel’s Women of the Year 2017
Lois Jones and Morgan Jones


For the past 29 years the Southeast Michigan Women of the ELCA have asked each church to select a woman from their congregation who demonstrates her love of God and others and is active or has been active in the past in church ministries and activities. This year they have asked us select two!  In addition to the usual Woman of the Year, we have been asked to also select a Young Woman of the Year, someone under the age of 35 years old.  This year Emmanuel has selected our first Mother-Daughter pair for each of these categories. 

Lois Jones

Emmanuel’s Woman of the Year 2017 


Lois Jones is an active member of Emmanuel, now serving on the church council and participates in numerous other activities, contributing to our congregation by using her gifts and skills in the ministry here at Emmanuel and in the community. 

Personal notes that Lois has shared:

She the proud mother of 7 beautiful children, 2 boys and 5 girls. Like the old lady who lived in a shoe, her family kept growing with her own kids and kids from her cousins, nieces and friends, who came to go to school or just came and stayed and she loves all of them. She was married, her first husband died in 2003. In 2010 the Lord blessed Lois with a very nice man, Anthony, who has 8 kids. Oh my!  How her family keeps growing. She lost one of her daughters, Brittnay, in 2015. Brittnay was named Emmanuel’s Young Woman of the Year in 2015. She is missed dearly She also had a beautiful foster baby girl named Jasmin (Jazzy).  She was adopted at age 2 by a nice young couple who still keep in touch.  She no longer does Foster Care because it is hard giving up the kids.  She believes in an open door policy with her children, so they can come into her room and talk, sing, laugh, cry and yell together.  Lois loves to hug her children, family, friends and church family.  She believes children should be respectful to others. Also that they should learn a trade or go to college and most of all they should know and love God.

Lois is a LPN and Medical Laboratory Tech. She has worked in almost all areas of the medical field from mental health, Oakland lab, Spectrum lab and Quest lab. She has taught Phlebotomy at MedRight and worked at DMC Clinics, Children’s Hospital, Sinai and Providence Resident Program, Park Medical Clinic, EMS Tech at Taylor Ambulance, urgent & critical care. 

Lois says she likes working with children most of all!

She dedicated her life to Christ at a very young age, saying that she couldn’t wait to marry God while at St. Leo’s Church because through Catechism we wore white dresses with the veils.  She studied at school under nuns and wanted to be a nun herself.  As life went on, she says that she kept studying the Bible and going to different classes and became an Evangelist and an Ordained Chaplain.

She belongs to Detroit Fema CERT Team. (Community Emergency Response Team).  Also, she is an On Call chaplain for the Veterans Hospital, the Police & Fire Dept. and wherever else needed.

Lois says: “I love working for the Lord.  I work and serve God through caring for His children and the less fortunate, the sick, the homeless, the lost souls through addiction and the veterans.  I have given care and compassion to people of all ages, cultures and religions and have helped them through crisis, trauma and life situations.”

Working as a Chaplain outside the four walls of churches, Lois has helped others in hospitals, nursing homes, jails and homeless shelters, going wherever God needs her to be, she says that we are all His Shepherds and we must feed His Sheep.

She serves on the Southfield Police Citizen Advisory Board.  She belongs to two Women Missionary groups. One is the Women Walking with Jesus and the other is Women in God’s Ministry. 

Lois goes to the Children's Hospital and works on Outreach Programs for children, also reading programs at schools.  She worked for eight years as a mental health worker working with children at Plymouth Hospital and Children’s Hospital DMC.

She helped feed the homeless at Detroit Rescue Mission and sits and visits with the sick in Hospice at Henry Ford Hospital.  She has sent letters and money to the motherless children in other countries.

Lois gives all Praise and Glory to God.  Removing self to let God in, for God is love. I am no one without Him. Who is God to me?   

He is my    Righteousness        Psalm 5:8

He is my    Peace                    John 14: 27

He is my    Provider                Phil 4:19   

He is my    Healer                   Jer. 17:14          

He is my    Victory                   Psalm 18:35    

He is my    Shepherd               Psalm 100:3   

He is my    Every Present        Matt. 28:20 

Thank you for this honor and opportunity to serve ---- Lois Jones



Morgan Jones

Emmanuel’s Young Woman of the Year 2017


Morgan’s accomplishments are many, as she is always ready and willing to serve wherever needed both at Emmanuel and in the community.  

Personal thoughts that Morgan has shared:

Morgan is 24 years old from a family of 7 children.  Four sisters and two brothers. She has a 2 year old daughter Elexandria.(Ellie)

She has attended Emmanuel for 10 years.

Morgan was baptized at age 8 and has been involve in church activities since 2 years old or younger.

 At Emmanuel she serves as an Acolyte, Assisting Minister, kitchen help with Pot Luck Dinners, Greeter, Altar Care, Usher, and Choir.  She helps out wherever needed at church.

In the past she was active in Girl Scouts for over 5 years. Graduated from Southfield Lathrup High School and went to Oakland Community College for 2 years. She has volunteered to serve food at Detroit Rescue Mission with her mom, and with Forgotten Harvest. Also, wrapping dolls and packing food for the Goodfellows. She has participated in the Crop Walk and the Martin Luther King March. Worked with voting committee on Election Day, helping people that ran for office, and has served on other Community Committees.

 At the age of 5 Morgan and her sisters were singing at several churches. They were known as the Jones Girls and the Sunshine Sisters. They sang Praise songs. 

Morgan says that she dedicated her life to Christ because He is her Heavenly Father, her Provider. He is there when she needs Him and she feels so secure to know that He says:  He would never leave us or forsake us. Joshua 1:5

One of her favorite quotes is on their wall at home It says: “Remember we are all valuable in the eyes of God and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not.”

Morgan says:  I love serving God!   And she gives thanks for this honor of being chosen Emmanuel’s Young Woman of the Year.


Well done, thou good and faithful servants! 


 Former Women of the Year

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