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Emmanuel’s Women of the Year 2018
Lisa Maximore and Jamie Maximore


For the past 30 years the Southeast Michigan Women of the ELCA have asked each church to select a woman from their congregation who demonstrates her love of God and others and is active or has been active in the past in church ministries and activities. This year they have asked us select two!  In addition to the usual Woman of the Year, we have been asked to also select a Young Woman of the Year, someone under the age of 35 years old.  This year Emmanuel has selected our second Mother-Daughter pair for each of these categories. 

Dr. Lisa Maximore

Emmanuel’s Woman of the Year 2018 


Lisa, whether she is steadfastly in prayer, doing good works and deeds or accomplishing various other commendable tasks, is certainly a blessing as she contributes to our congregation’s life and that of the community.

Dr. Lisa has earned a Doctorate of Health Administration, and is a Registered Nurse with a Masters of Science in Nursing.

She also finds time to be a parent volunteer for Cheer, Swimming and Volleyball.

At Emmanuel, Lisa is a Sunday School Teacher and also has planned  some wonderful and exciting studies for our Vacation Bible School. All her little students love Lisa as their teacher. She always goes the extra mile in all the activities.

She is one Emmanuel’s nurses and is active in Health and Wellness.

She has volunteered for the Soup Kitchen, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, the South Oakland Shelter and COTS.

When asked what inspired her to become so involved in serving the Lord she shares this story: As a little girl my Granny was very active in church, despite her health, and she took me with her. My entire family was very religious. My faith became stronger as I faced a child with terminal cancer, death of loved ones, terminal illnesses of family members, job loss and a heart attack. The prayers and strength the Lord provides my family and I strengthens me and provides and grants peace and happiness in serving the Lord!

We all thank the Lord for giving Lisa the talents and energy that is needed to serve Him and His people. And again we thank all the women of Emmanuel for taking that bold step, to carry out our purpose as “a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ.”


Jamie Maximore

Emmanuel’s Young Woman of the Year 2018


At Emmanuel we have women both young and older, who are bold and faithful and have listened to God’s call to make a difference and are carrying out His ministry in many ways.

Today we thank Jamie Maximore, our Young Woman of the Year, for being faithful, for serving, and for using her gifts and skill in the ministry here at Emmanuel.

Jamie is one of Emmanuel’s Assistant Ministers. She also is an Acolyte, Greeter, Mentor and Praise Dancer. She has helped out at Vacation Bible School, Sunday School and in the church kitchen and anywhere else she is needed.

In the community she has helped out with the Soup Kitchen, Crohn’s & Colitis Fundraiser, Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser.   

Jamie is the Captain of her school Cheer Team, will graduate with honors on June 3, 2018 from the University High School  Academy, here in Southfield, and has College Scholarships.

When asked what inspired her to become so involved in serving the Lord?

She shared:  I grew up in the church and so I had a religious foundation. Over the years I had several trials and tribulations that He has helped me overcome. Therefore, I praise Him and repay through worship and praise.

We are certainly blessed to have Jamie to contribute to the congregation's life and that of the community.



Well done, thou good and faithful servants! 


 Former Women of the Year

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