60th Anniversary


Important dates in Emmanuel's 60th Anniversary Celebration.


Sunday, November 24th, 2013


Celebration concert and meal
     The concert will feature the band "At Average".

“AT AVERAGE”: Indie-folk band, At Average, pair's lyrical influences from diverse subjects including history, cinema, God and the struggle to be greater than normal. At Average is: Nathan Schleicher on lead vocals and various acoustic instruments; Bonnie Shippling on vocals and keyboard, Paul Friesen-Carper on vocals and cello, Will Meinberg on banjo, and Graham Rockwood on acoustic double bass. Well known for his work in the modern hymn movement, lead songwriter Nathan Schleicher, has led worship workshops for mainline churches across the mid-west and Washington, and his modern liturgy has been used in contemporary worships throughout the US and in England. He has shared the stage many times with artists such as Lost & Found, Agape, and Rachel Kurtz. In 2012 he was selected as the worship leader for the state of Michigan at the ELCA National Gathering in New Orleans. Last summer they released their debut EP titled “Black Hatted”. From LA to Nashville to Detroit, the band brought in guest artists from all over the country to season Black Hatted's tracks with diverse harmonies, swelling orchestrations, spaghetti western riffs and even bellowing tones from a cathedral organ. Nashville producer, Mike Odmark mixed and mastered the album at Jars of Clay-owned studio, Gray Matters. To find out more and hear tracks, visit - www.ataverage.com To see video demos of Nathan's modern liturgy and hymns, visit - www.youtube.com/nathanscreation Welcome to the homepage of At Average www.ataverage.com